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Panorama Business and Financial was founded in 2017 as a result of a desire to provide a uniquely positive experience to the accounting and financial planning process. We work with individuals and business owners who are keen to understand and achieve their goals.

We are based in Bathurst, with a view up to our most famous landmark Mt Panorama. We thought the landmark, as well as the concept of a panoramic view, stood out as a metaphor for what we wanted to achieve. The ability to easily view the bigger picture, whilst being comfortable you have dotted your “i’s” and crossed your “t’s” is sorely missed with many businesses. We strive to make sure all of our clients have as close to real time information on how they are tracking towards their goals. The traditional accountant has always been famous for providing an historical report on what did happen with your business and your tax return. We are breaking the mould in providing you with as much information as you need, to understand what lies in your future. We do this through a thorough understanding of the traditional accounting model, a unique set of skills in technology, and understanding the pressures faced by small regional businesses. You’ll be amazed at the breadth of our experience! 

Book an appointment today to speak to one of our unique experts! Because we are passionate about what we do, we are happy to meet with you without obligation to make sure you value what we do before we start doing business together.

Nathan Pearce

My passion is helping business owners and potential business owners understand their goals, and create a systematic approach to achieving these goals. In particular I enjoy working with small to medium regional businesses, adopting an approach where we work hand in hand for their long-term personal and business goals.

Achieving a sustainable work-life balance has always been important to me and I thoroughly enjoy challenging both my clients and teammates to continuously improve their efforts in this sphere.

I strongly believe my unique blend of technical and practical experience provides a breadth of knowledge to assist clients and colleagues enjoy the success we are all working so hard towards.

Twice finalist in the Australian Accounting Awards, a former International Rugby Union Referee and a resume that is too long to list gives me a unique background to help you achieve your goals.

Sandra Matiszik

Sandy’s passion is solving problems using the most elegant solution. She loves translating the technical complexities and simplifying them into a practical, real-world solution. It may sound cliched, but Sandy genuinely loves helping people.  The career Sandy has had as an educator in the discipline of Mathematics combined with the extensive experience as a successful business manager, event coordinator and accommodation operator has been a rewarding and interesting journey.

Sandy is keen to apply all the skills, lessons and insights she has gained through her professional experiences to assist individuals and businesses improve their financial understanding and confidence, improve efficiency of their processes and maximise the effectiveness of their resources.”

Sarah Stewart

Sarah’s passion is people, understanding people’s needs and wants is something she prides herself on. Sarah truly believes there is no greater satisfaction than achieving goals you have set for yourself or watching the people you care for achieve theirs. This is why she loves her job, seeing first-hand what can happen when you apply yourself. Sarah doesn’t have a degree in finance and believes this makes her all the more approachable (there is never a silly question). We want our clients to always feel comfortable coming into the office or picking up the phone; we love hearing from you guys!

Deborah Baldwin

Deb started her career in Marketing, recruited into a large multinational firm in the IT industry.  A move to the finance industry expanded her interests in the application of business analysis and the value of relevant and quantitative numbers in business and marketing strategy development. It was the move to a role within the finance industry that allowed her to combine her marketing and business experience whilst working with a range of small to large businesses that ignited a passion for interpreting numbers into usable information.  

Operating a contract marketing and administration business for a number of years has given her particular insights into the importance of understanding the numbers underpinning small business and the value of being able to interpret these into actionable ways in which to achieve your business goals.   

Having since completed a Masters of Accounting, she is currently undertaking further studies to achieve her Chartered Accountants qualification.

Particular areas of interest include working alongside small business owners, ticking the boxes on compliance, bringing life to the numbers, developing meaningful insights and actionable items to assist in the growth of your business.

Andrea Stahl

Andrea’s passion is working with people – particularly in small business, helping them achieve their business goals so they can focus on what really matters. Andrea loves numbers and enjoys assisting clients understand the day to day accounting process and systems. Being a fully qualified Chartered Accountant who moved to Bathurst in 2009,  Andrea brings a wealth of experience gained from working at Bell Partners in Sydney to Central West NSW.

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