A uniquely interesting podcast on modern leadership

As a business adviser, I spend plenty of time reading and listening to the best and brightest discuss their theories and methodologies for how best to run a business. One of my favourite subjects is Leadership; particularly how to improve my Leadership skills, as well as those of my team and any tips I can […]

2020 Budget

Budget night is normally grand final night for accountants, but this year was a little bit anticlimactic given the imminent election. In fact the budget was delivered more as a marketing department enticement to elect a coalition government… but let’s not get into a political discussion! For you, our valued clients, there is a couple […]

Understanding Balance Sheets

Balance Sheets are Beautiful It’s that time again, your accountant has just handed you the business’ financial reports, now where do you look?  Most people turn to the Profit and Loss report and look straight to the year’s result, hoping to see black ink to show the business has posted a profit. Next, most business owners will […]


Whilst strictly not anything to do with business, accounting or finance, I really thought this story is one worth sharing. Those of you who don’t know, in a former life I was fortunate enough to be afforded the privilege of travelling around the world refereeing test match and super rugby for a few years. It […]

The One

How do I know if my adviser is “the one”?   I can still remember my first visit to an accountant. I’m pretty sure I got dressed up for it, and I vividly recall walking out afterwards and thinking “What just happened?”   As I’m sure many of you would have experienced, I walked in, […]