A uniquely interesting podcast on modern leadership

As a business adviser, I spend plenty of time reading and listening to the best and brightest discuss their theories and methodologies for how best to run a business. One of my favourite subjects is Leadership; particularly how to improve my Leadership skills, as well as those of my team and any tips I can pass on to clients.

It would be fair to say I was more than a little excited last week when one of my favourite podcasts, the HBR Ideacast from the team at the Harvard Business Review, discussed “What managers get wrong about feedback” based on a new book titled “9 Lies about work” by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall.

If you can, I thoroughly recommend finding 20 minutes to listening in on the podcast, but to whet your appetite here is what I loved about it…

  • They acknowledge that contemporary employee management is focused on reducing weaknesses, which fails to help most employees reach their full potential. They give some clear direction on how (and why… using science!) to circumvent this.
  • They provide a whole new perspective on strengths and weaknesses, enabling both managers and employees to focus their attention on the right areas. This week we have implemented the “Love it or Loath it” worksheets they discuss.
  • They provide absolute clarity on the two primary roles of leaders:
    • Make everyone on the team feel seen for who they are (their unique strengths, appetites, desires and things they run towards)
    • Make sure everyone on the team knows where you are heading together and feels lifted by that

They acknowledge the administrative tasks expected of leaders as a third role, but these are distinctly less important than the first two.

  • Our final take home to share is to stop thinking about a good job as being the end of the conversation. Nobody aspires to be just “good”. We should all be aiming for excellence.

We at PB&F are avid listeners of this podcast, and many others. What are your favourite business podcasts or periodicals? The book “9 Lies about work” is due for release 1 May 2019 and we’ve pre-ordered a copy already! We’d love to know your thoughts if you get a chance.


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